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Payments by card can be made online.

If you already have an agreed repayment arrangement with us, or want to pay in full or make a part payment, you can do this quickly and easily here.

If you're not sure what you can afford or don't have a regular repayment plan already agreed with us, we recommend you talk to us so we can help establish this for you. We want to make sure any repayments you make are affordable and sustainable for you.

If you would like to discuss your account please contact us here.

To make a payment by card, please enter your details below.

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  • By continuing you are confirming that this payment is affordable to you and is not impacting your ability to pay your priority bills (e.g gas/electricity/water/rent). If this is not the case please contact us.

Should you choose to make payment using a credit card you may incur additional interest from your credit card company in line with your standard terms and conditions for that credit card. Please note that the account to which you are attempting to make payment is not currently incurring interest.